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KVIFF Distribution was launched in 2015 by Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in collaboration with Czech Television and Aerofilms distribution company. KVIFF Distribution presents remarkable films of world cinema in Czech distribution throughout the year while Czech Television selects the best television films and offers them for special screenings in cinemas. We aim to introduce original films of high artistic value in local distribution which would otherwise hardly reach audiences in standard distribution ways.

The first film presented by KVIFF Distribution was Youth by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino which entered Czech cinemas on 8 October 2015 with great public acclaim.

In 2016, the label broadened the scope of its activities by launching Vary at Your Cinema. The event aims to bring a piece of the festival atmosphere to towns across the Czech Republic and introduce the diverse programme of Karlovy Vary IFF in cinemas. Each year, representatives of KVIFF Distribution handpick remarkable films of the current festival edition and bring them to all cinemas immediately after the end of the festival.

The films presented by KVIFF Distribution have brought over 300 000 viewers to Czech cinemas.



In cinemas from 30 July 2020


In cinemas from 9 July 2020

La Belle Epoque

In cinemas from 2 January 2020

A White, White Day

In cinemas from 25 July 2019

Diego Maradona

In cinemas from 18 July 2019


In cinemas from 11 July 2019

Happy as Lazzaro

In cinemas from 14 March 2019


In cinemas from 15 November 2018

Cold War

In cinemas from 12 July 2018


In cinemas from 12 July 2018

The Guilty

In cinemas from 12 July 2018

The Florida Project

In cinemas from 22 February 2018

Men Don't Cry

In cinemas from 5 October 2017

The Big Sick

In cinemas from 13 July 2017

Double Lover

In cinemas from 13 July 2017

Axolotl Overkill

In cinemas from 13 July 2017

The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki

In cinemas from 16 March 2017


In cinemas from 5 February 2017

It's Not the Time of My Life

In cinemas from 6 October 2016

Captain Fantastic

In cinemas from 14 July 2016

Slack Bay

In cinemas from 14 July 2016

Neon Bull

In cinemas from 14 July 2016

A War

In cinemas from 28 April 2016


In cinemas from 8 October 2015


Acquisiton manager

Karel Och

Artistic director of Karlovy Vary IFF

+ 420 221 411 011

Acquisition manager

Ivo Andrle

CEO of Aerofilms distribution company

+420 723 718 484


Radka Urbancová

+420 774 483 165

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